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Victorian Dip model with client's ironwork design.


Old English Fireplace Benches


Contemporary by Design

- Custom Made in USA since 2010 -

The Originals: English fireplace benches date back to the Georgian period (1714 - 1837), but the furniture genre didn’t get the name "Club Fenders" until late 19th century when bespoke pieces became popular in private London clubs, magnificent homes of the rich and the country estates of landed gentry.  These benches had frames of solid hand-welded iron.


Victorian & Georgian  era English fireplace benches are extremely rare today because a) only the wealthiest could afford them and b) so many of these iron benches were repurposed for armaments in WW1. But now Club Fenders LLC makes these wonderful furniture pieces in Connecticut using classic three-hundred-year old styling, materials and craftsmanship.


A Unique Furniture Genre: The club fender is exceptional in its function and artistry. Uniquely positioned at the hearth, it optimizes the staging of furniture in rooms large and small. And with today's eco-sensitivity, it is unique in celebrating and giving relevance to our fireplaces in all seasons whether or not a fire is burning. A Club Fender is appropriate for most wood or gas burning fireplaces.   


Classic Old English vs. 20th Century Design 

Since WW1 virtually all UK made benches replicate a standardized design: notably brass, machine made component parts cut and assembled with nuts & bolts. As such, differentiating design features are quite limited. They lack the comfort and stability of weightier Victorian and Georgian period originals. By contrast, our classic Old English Fireplace Benches are of solid iron, and artisan made in a forge where we weld, bend, twist and add artistic flourishes. Virtually every bench is custom fitted to the intended hearth. Our millwork (skirting) and upholstering is done to the highest quality by local artisans. Our clients select from over 200 top quality leathers or provide their own designer fabric. Our turnaround time is a few weeks vs. months for a custom sized club fender made in England.   


Old English Fireplace Benches


Corner Set - Two seats that move independently to exact and various hearth positions.
Choate Bench: club fender, Siganture, Bold Skirting