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... when inquiring, we need know your model preferences and  hearth dimensions. Pictures will be needed.    
We are the sole source in America for old English design (19th and 18th century) fenders. Unique features include: solid iron, hand forged, welded joinery, and much greater weight and stability. By virtue of being in America and working in iron we can truly customize size, fit, baluster design, upholstery features and more. The typical English benches of past 100 years are machine made using nut & bolt assembly of standardized components in brass or other metal alloys.
Bench weight is a critical design and value feature: Weight relates directly with comfort, stability, durability and functionality. In this regard there is no equal to a custom bench from Club Fenders LLC; i.e., an Old English Fireplace Bench.  
Model Preference: Consider your preference in bench model: Full, Cut, Dip, or Corner Set. You can change your mind later as we discuss functionality, interior design and structural issues of fit. 
Worksheet & Design Consultation: To assure proper measurements and fit we need photographs and measurements ... see our Worksheet (herein) and return same to get a customized price estimate that starts Design Consultation. 

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