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In any room with a fireplace...

Living Room - Library - Dining Room - Master Suite


Throughout the seasons and whether a fire is burning or not, a fireplace is the focal point in the room. The fireplace is...


  • Provider of warmth and security

  • Where family comes together

  • Central to social entertaining

  • Place to relax and reflect


 •     An Old English Fireplace Bench adds relevance, beauty and sophistication for all seasons. It makes a more intamate yet more spacious floor plan, adds a unique seating arrangement, and is functional for tending and enjoying a fire.


 •    Staging: the club fender bench sits upon (or frames) the hearthstone leaving space for other furniture or open passage. Use the bench to create or complement areas for conversation.     


 •    Function: the bench adds several seats and can serve as an extra convesation area or as a coffee table. For groups large or small, sit here to face guests front, left and right. For quiet reflection, relax here facing the fire and tend it easily – no need to stoop or kneel. 


•    Artistry: your Old English Fireplace Bench will be a beautiful piece of art. It’ll add design interest to the focal point in the room. It'll dress up a mantel or the stone facing around the firebox. It 'celebrates' the hearth as the provider of warmth and a center point in personal and family life. 


•    Value: it’ll cost about what you’d pay for two chairs or a sofa, but you’ll save as much in avoiding the expense of other makeshift fireplace decorations. The value is also in the design issues uniquely resolved and in the investment value of its artistry, quality and durability.    


Provenance of design: the romance of legendary Camelot is in the materials, weight and ageless styling of an

Old English Fireplace Bench


•    Iron, leather and wood are ageless materials…traditional, classic, contemporary and modern, and with your choice of finishing elements will complement any interior design theme with bold or understated elegance.


•    Virtually indestructible...base of solid welded construction.


•    Maintenance tarnish, no loose nuts & bolts, etc. With care it’ll last for generations.


•    Is unlimited in design features...totally made in America and working in iron leverages capabilities design and collaborate with clients, designers and architects.


•    True antiques (conceivably "King Arthur" to 1835) are extremely rare pieces in private estates and museums…the rarity of the true original classics will enhance the investment value of a “Signature Category” bench from Club Fenders US. 





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