Old English Fireplace Bench

Classic Styling and Solid Wrought Iron Construction: We are the sole source for 18th & 19th century style English fireplace benches. We use materials and craftsmanship similar to the originals.


Custom Design and Perfect Fit: Each project starts with a professional Design & Consult phase. Clients work directly with head designer via voice, email, face-time with your fireplace, etc. In Design Phase we create a schematic rendering of the project bench superimposed on your fireplace dimensions. Clients have immediate access to our design specialist for discussion of  design features, model preference, available design features, fit, price, etc. We help help in leather/fabric selection, measurements and photographs. In collaboration we'll create a very custom and personal club fender to complement you, your home and interior design.  


Fast Delivery and Personal Set-up: Between Boston and Washington DC we can personally deliver and set up your club fender. We also ship to other states and Canada.  From finished design to completed fabrication is 3 to 6 weeks,  but from English sources a custom bench of quality takes months.    


Made in Connecticut: Old English Fireplace Benches are 100% CT labor and virtually all US sourced materials. We offer a much broader selection of leather upholstery, finishing and design options than the English companies. 


Advantages in Design: Our customers (homeowners and interior designers) have much greater control over custom design features in comparison to dealing with English manufacturers. The artisan aspects of our projects are leveraged by easy collaboration and frequent communication. 


Investment Value & Lower Price: Even our “Signature Category” fender will be less than the FOB price of the English imports. Plus you’ll have to add substantial trans-Atlantic delivery costs for imports; this can easily exceed an extra $1,000. More importantly, by our being local and working in iron, we assure perfect fit, custom design features and better after-sale service.  


After-Sale Service: With forged iron construction there’s not much that can go wrong that we cannot resolve easily, whereas with the imports their nut & bolt assembly can become loose and wobbly and you’ll have to deal with tarnishing of brass fenders. You’ll appreciate dealing locally with a designer of our network whenever a design idea or fit issue needs addressing.  


USA Payments: we accept checks in installments as we progress in making your club fender. The last 30% is typically due after set-up and your personal approval. For imports from England you'll have to make payment in-advance and have limited payment recourse.


BloPoke & Accessories: We also offer the Original BloPoke and from the forge we offer custom fireplace screens, tools, andirons, log holders, etc.  

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