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Advantages of Local Manufacture:


Club Fenders are 100% US (CT) labor and virtually all US sourced materials.


Truly Custom: design and "fit" can be readily discussed, changed and personalized


Delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks vs. months from England

Our lower costs translate to lower prices and exceptional product quality vs. fenders made in England


Elimination of trans-Atlantic shipping costs and delivery delays

We make personal in-home consultation visits: recommended whenever feasible 


We can communicate easily: by phone, in person, via internet without time zone issues 


We offer a much broader selection of upholstery, finishing and design options


Greater pre-sale and after-sale service/responsiveness

US protocol and laws for payments vs. 100% pre-delivery payment risk to England 


Advantages of The Georgian Era Design:  

(Pre-Industrial Revolution) 


Ageless: Wrought iron is ageless, traditional and contemporary

Virtually indestructible base of solid welded construction

Virtually maintenance free: no rust, no tarnish, no loose nuts & bolts, etc. 

Wrought iron, leather and wood compliment a room's design with understated elegance 

Is unlimited in design features; leverages capabilities of artisan ironwork and design preferences

True antiques (conceivably "King Arthur" to 1835) are extremely rare pieces in private estates and museums

Provenance of design: the romance of legendary Camelot and Normandy in days of chivalry 





We are pleased to offer the best tool for starting and tending a fire.  There's none equal to this original.  The Blo-poke is a classic gift for weddings, holidays and corporate recognition. Available in brass or black and will  last forever. 

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